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The Chancellor is an advisor of Princess Peach. He is an older, green-spotted Toad garbed in green with gold trim. During the events of Super Mario RPG: Legend of the Seven Stars, the Chancellor assumes the duties of Peach during her absence. He is also overprotective of the princess, and forbids her from joining Mario in his quest to defeat Smithy. His actions and appearance suggests that he is an earlier counterpart of Toadsworth.

Early in the game, the Chancellor gives Mario a map of Mario World. He also authorizes Mario to stock up on items in Peach's Castle's vault, which is protected by the Vault Guard. Additionally, the Chancellor is easily frightened (like many other Toads). He is scared of Mario's impersonation of King Bowser, and during the Smithy Gang's invasion of the Mushroom Kingdom, the Chancellor hides behind a column in the throne room during the entire occupation. The leader is also forgetful at times.


  • In a prototype version of Super Mario RPG: Legend of the Seven Stars, the Chancellor was a bearded, generic, elderly-looking Toad. When the Chancellor was given a new design, his old one was used for the elderly residents of the Mushroom Kingdom, including the shopkeeper of the local Item Shop. The Chancellor's original appearance was possibly a placeholder.
  • The Toad Minister from Paper Mario might be Chancellor, due to their similar appearance and traits, and they have the same Japanese name.
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