Chain Chomplets (JP) are young Chain Chomps (or relatives of them) that have only appeared in Super Mario Sunshine. They have a personality like older Chain Chomps, but look different. They make a noise that sounds like a puppy barking. Chain Chomplets are made up of two spherical sections with a collar dividing each part, unlike their older counterparts, which only have a head as their body. Also, their chains appear to also be their tails. They are of a silver color when permanently cooled off, orange when angry, and black when temporarily calmed by a barrel of water or F.L.U.D.D. The only known Chain Chomplets live in Pianta Village on Isle Delfino; a female red Pianta called the Chomp Keeper owns them. They leave a trail of burning goop when they are angry, and have small flames on their heads.

Chain Chomplets are in the first episode of Pianta Village, Chain Chomplets Unchained. In the episode, Mario has to calm down the fevered Chain Chomplets. To complete the episode the Chain Chomplets must be cooled off with F.L.U.D.D. Once this is done, their tails can be grabbed. Releasing the tail slingshots the Chain Chomplet, hopefully into the river where they will cool off completely. If the player waits too long, the Chain Chomplets will fire back up.

Chain Chomplets might be related to the Chain Chomp in Episode 4, which must be calmed and cooled in a similar fashion. Like the Chain Chomplets, this Chain Chomp's color changes when placed in a pool of water.


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