Chain Attack
Chain Attack is Shulk's Final Smash.


In this Final Smash, Shulk attempts to catch his opponent in front of him with a bright light. If successful, the screen fades to white, and a cinematic with the Vision effect around the screen appears as Shulk summons Dunban, Riki, and (in Ultimate) Mecha-Fiora to assist him. The party proceeds to attack trapped opponents before Shulk sends them flying with a charged Monado slash.

The Final Smash deals varying damage depending on which of Shulk's Monado Arts is set-- overall, Buster deals the most damage and the lowest knockback, while Smash deals the best knockback but little damage (41%-55% for Buster, and 15%-20% for Speed, Shield, and Smash). The initial strike from the blinding light deals 3% damage (4% for Buster, and 1% for Speed, Shield, and Smash), and the attack deals 2% for each consecutive strikes (3% for Buster, and 1% for Speed, Shield, and Smash). The final Monado slash will deal 17% damage (23% for Buster, and 9% for Speed, Shield, and Smash), launching the target(s) horizontally. It is capable of KOing opponents at around 40% without any active Arts (20% for Smash, over 80% for Buster).

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