Chad ​is a playable character from Fire Emblem: The Binding Blade. Chad is an orphan from Araphen who takes revenge against the Bern forces for burning his orphanage down on the Lycian-Bern border. Chad joins Roy's forces in Chapter three of Binding Blade when Roy launches an attack on Castle Araphen.

He is friends with Lugh, Raigh, the Reverend Yoder and the other little orphans and cares about them. He fights to preserve peace among the countries and for his 'family' of orphans.

In a Support Conversation with Cath it is revealed that Chad is a rather good artist, and that the Father at the orphanage had always praised him for his artistic ability before he had died. The conversation also seems to imply that Chad has a desire to become an artist following the war.

Chad also describes much of his past to Hugh in their Support Conversation as well. In the conversation Chad borrows 3000g to buy a sword, later repaying 4000g and explaining why he borrowed the money to Hugh. Chad says that he bought the sword to use to fight for his 'family' of orphans.

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