Chōsōjū Mecha MG is a Nintendo DS fighting game released by Nintendo and Sandlot in 2006, exclusively in Japan. The game can be controlled with the touch screen or with the face buttons or d-pad. The shoulder buttons alter the camera's position. In the game, you'll control a variety of Marionation gears within over 120 missions.


You control a character named Martin, who in the game becomes a pilot of an MG. You'll play through over 120 missions in the game, which are all accessible on a worldmap. In the game the mission objectives varies from battling one on one with another enemy, battling as a group with computer controlled allies, racing, destroying objects, and transporting items from one place to another. Each mission lets you choose the difficulty setting, and in order to get the over 100 MGs within the game, you'll have to beat some of the missions on harder difficulty settings (each mission has four difficulty settings). As one would expect, the most powerful robots are available for those who complete missions on the hardest difficulty setting.

The MGs are controlled with the touch screen, and each one is controlled differently with the touch screen's interface changing appropriately. Some of the MGs will prove to be harder to control than others, and the way in which you control an MG will change too. Some MGs will require you to drag ammo into a gun, while others won't require you to do this. During the racing modes, a steering wheel will appear on the bottom screen and you'll turn it with your stylus.


Some of the Marionation Gears are found in Super Smash Bros. Brawl as trophies and stickers. One of the game's themes, titled "Marionation Gear", is available as a song on the stage Norfair. The song was recreated by Grasshopper Manufacture's Masafumi Takada, one of the over thirty composers for the game.

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