The Central Factory is an area located in the chest of the Mechonis in Xenoblade Chronicles. It is a gigantic factory connected to the lower Mechonis Field and the upper Agniratha as well as the Mechonis Core itself. There is no NPCs found in this area and the only activity here is done by hostile Mechons serving Egil. The whole area becomes inacessible after the events at Mechonis Core.


It is assumed that the area was arranged by the Machina to be their personal factory. After the Machina were forced to flee to the Fallen Arm, Egil and his Mechon took over the factory and create new Mechons from here.

The party travel through the Central Factory upon leaving the Mechonis Field with the goal to reach Agniratha and Egil. Despite the Mechons actively trying to stop them, the party manage to activate a teleporter that directly transport them to Agniratha.

The party returns to the Central Factory later by flying in Junks through the Ventilation Conduit, with Alvis, Dickson and Vanea as guests. There they destroy the Apocrypha Generator to dispel the restrictions that were placed on the Monado by Egil's machine. They then proceed to find the way to the Mechonis Core and leave Alvis and Dickson behind waiting for the party to defeat Egil.

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