The Centipare is a member of the Centipare Family in Hey! Pikmin. They are dragonfly-like creatures that are usually seen flying around without minding Captain Olimar or his Pikmin. Despite their name, they are not infant Adult Centipare and are not even relatted to them, this name was choosen because the two creatures are very similar in appearance and nothing more.


They usually fly in a fixed patern and do not harm Olimar or the Pikmin. They can however be used as platform and as such usually appear in auto scrolling levels where Olimar must navigate from platform to platform with the help of the Winged Pikmin.



Hey! Pikmin Logs

"It craves attention and control, as children do. Its back is tough enough to hold some weight without panicking. I envy it as far as that goes. The last time I tried to give my son a ride, I threw out my back."

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