Cecil Harvey is the main protagonist of the SNES game Final Fantasy IV (as well as various other versions) and also appears in the sequel Final Fantasy IV: The After Years. Early on, we see him as a Dark Knight (as shown in the image to the right), though later, he will attempt to cast away his darkness in order to become a Paladin.

As a Dark Knight, he has the ability Dark Wave (FFIV Hard versions only, not in the DS version) which hits all enemies at the cost of his own HP. If he becomes a Paladin, he will lose this ability, but have access to new abilities: White Magic and Cover, which allow him to protect weaker party members from physical attacks when selected. Uncover (or Drop Cover) allows him to stop. Cecil will automatically protect those with low HP.

He is 20 years old in the game, and is infatuated with his childhood love, Rosa Farrell.

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