The Cave of the Past is a location from the SNES game EarthBound, and the final area before the last battle. The cave is connected to the Lost Underworld, but as its name suggests, the player's party visits it in the past, where it is much bigger.

Places of Interest


Giygas's Lair


Mostly, the Cave of the Past is a series of thin roads in the middle of bottomless cliffs. There is a giant needle-like object coming from the ground, but it's unknown what it is supposed to mean, nor is referred to at anytime. In the past, the cave seems to have the same shape but its roads are extended so that the player can go to Giygas's Lair. There are Final Starmen, and other minions to guard it on the way.

Giygas's Lair

Going through a small entrance from the outside reveals Giygas's Lair, a large path of membrane-like floor that pulses, hinting it may somehow be alive. This is the area where the last battle against Porky Minch and Giygas takes place. Ness, Paula, Jeff and Poo come here hoping to destroy Giygas ages before he can rule over the universe as Buzz Buzz had predicted.

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