The Cat is a Job in Miitopia that specializes in high damage and minor MP recovery. Their weapons are called Claws and their clothing is called Cat Suits. They have high attack and speed, and can use multi-hit attacks and strength boosts, and cure status effects of both themselves and fellow party members. Their default attack only hits one enemy.


Dainty paws...cute little whiskers...vicious, shredding claws. Meowch!


Lv 1 Lv 50
HP 10 208
MP 4 73
Attack 10 110
Magic 0 5
Defense 5 87
Speed 11 108


Skill Lv MP Cost Description
Sharpen Claws 2 4 "Sharpen your claws to cause great damage with your next attack."
Playful Antics 4 0 "Cheer up a friend with rubbing and purring to recover their MP."
Cat's Paw 6 8 "Inflict damage to an enemy with a slashing attack. It really stings."
Double Scratch 10 12 "Slash twice with sharp claws for double the ouchies."
Grooming 16 10 "Take a moment to calm down and groom your fur. (auto)"
Steal Grub 21 6 "Snatch food from under enemies' noses. Doesn't always work."
Lick Wounds 25 10 "Tend to your battle wounds and lick the clean, restoring HP."
Feline Frenzy 32 20 "Slice all enemies with razor-sharp claws twice in succession."
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