G&W cat

The cat from Greenhouse.

A Cat has appeared in several Game & Watch video games. In Chef, the cat would await for the player to launch a piece of food in the air, would quickly grab it with a fork, then shortly drop it. In Tropical Fish, the cat would await for the player to drop a fish, and then go in to claim its tasty snack, resulting in a lost life for the player. In Greenhouse a cat was the alarm signal.


Cat Chef
Chef The cat will be parched on the top left and will await the chef to send a piece of food up his way. The cat will poke it with a pitch fork and shortly after drop it.
Cat TF
Tropical Fish The cat in Tropical Fish will act similarly to the cat in Chef, taking the fish when it drops to the ground. When this happens the player will lose a life. The cat also appeared as the alarm icon.
Cat GH
Greenhouse The cat in Greenhouse is the alarm. When the alarm rings, a bee will poke the cat with a spear.


  • The cat was removed from the Game & Watch Gallery version of Chef, though remained in the classic version. The cat was also present in the DSiWare rerelease of the game.
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