The Cascade Kingdom (JP) is a primitive-themed location in Super Mario Odyssey. It is the greater location of Fossil Falls (JP) and the second kingdom in the game. The Regional currency is purple wheels.

Official Description


Power Moons

Note: 5 Power Moons are needed to power up the Odyssey.[1]

  • Our First Power Moon:The first Power Moon collected
  • Chomp Through the Rocks:
  • Behind the Waterfall: Found behind a waterfall in an 8-bit section located along the mountainside nearby.
  • On Top of the Rubble: Found on top of some rubble.
  • Treasure of the Waterfall Basin:
  • Above a High Cliff:
  • Across the Floating Isles: Jump across floating platforms on the north-western side of the kingdom.
  • Cascade Kingdom Timer Challenge 1:
  • Cascade Kingdom Timer Challenge 2:
  • Good Morning, Captain Toad!:
  • Dinosaur Nest: Big Cleanup!:
  • Dinosaur Nest: Running Wild!:
  • Nice Shot with the Chain Chomp!:
  • Very Nice Shot with the Chain Chomp!:
  • Past the Chasm Lifts: Reach the end of an 8-bit section along a mountainside.
  • Hidden Chasm Passage:
  • Caught Hopping at the Waterfall!: Capture a Rabbit
  • Found under the rock platform with the exit pipe in the "Past the Chasm Lifts" Moon section.
  • Obtained by capturing a scarecrow in the north-western section of the kingdom and triple jumping up the blocks that appear.


Names in Other Languages

Cascade Kingdom

Names in Other Languages
Language Name Meaning
Spanish Reino de las Cataratas Waterfalls Kingdom
French Pays des Chutes Falls Country
German Kaskadenland Cascade Country
Dutch Watervalrijk Waterfall Kingdom

Fossil Falls

Names in Other Languages
Language Name Meaning
Spanish Salto del Fósil Fossil Waterfalls
French Territoire Théropode Theropod Territory
Italian Rapide Fossili Fossil Rapids
Russian Костяной водопад Bone Waterfall


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