Carver is a character and party member from Dragon Quest VI. He is the first to join the Hero.


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Carver is tall and muscular. He doesn't wear a lot of clothing, but he does have a grey vest and an orange sash. That, along with his purple mohawk, makes him one of the most visually distinct in the game. Contrary to his appearance, Carver is kind and starts a friendship with the Hero. He is quick to make a joke, and he is still optimistic in dark times. He does think rather highly of himself, making him rather boastful.

Base Stats

Carver is met at level 3.

Attribute Stat
HP 42
MP 0
Strength 20
Agility 5
Resilience 12
Wisdom 4
Style 4



Other Appearances

Dragon Quest IX

Dragon Quest Heroes II

Carver is a playable character in Dragon Quest Heroes II. Gauntlets are his weapon of choice.


Carver began to be used as a men's given name in America around 1890. Before that, it was used as a surname based on occupation (like the surname "Farmer").


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