Carcassonne is a digital board game for the Nintendo Switch developed and published by Asmodee Digital.


The game is a tile-placing game where players take turns placing random tiles from a pile. The tiles can contain a wide assortment of features though they all at least have 1 with the features being the following; roads connecting one side of the tile to the other, junctions with 3 or 4 paths, a portion of a city or a monastery. Tiles can only be placed if their features match the touching tiles. To score points, players must place a token on one of the features not yet connected to another player's claim. The player has a limited number of tokens that can only be taken back when the player completes the features. Roads are only worth 1 point per tile, cities are worth 2 points per tile and monasteries are worth 1 point per tile surrounding it plus 1. Incomplete cities are only worth half points at the end of the game.

The base game includes the farmer riles as well as two expansions; The River and The Abbot. The game also has The Inns & The Cathedral expansion as DLC.


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