Captain Maple Syrup is a character found in the Wario Land video game series. She first appeared in the Game Boy video game Super Mario Land 3: Wario Land, and is noted as the first female antagonist in a Super Mario-related franchise. Captain Syrup is the antagonist of the game, Wario Land II. In the game's manual, it noted that Captain Syrup was a male, though this was just to surprise the players later on in the game, much like Metroid did with Samus Aran. Captain Syrup is voiced by Hitomi Hirose who voices Queen Merelda and the Merfles.

Syrup and her Crew

In the series, she is the beautiful leader of the thieves known as the Brown Sugar Pirates. She is known for creating marvellous inventions that she sends into battle. She and her pirates sail the seas in the hope that they'll come across a land to loot, something that happens quite often.

At the end of the first Wario Land, Wario defeats her genie, though she claims that she'll get revenge as she scurries away. She duly does so in the next installment, Wario Land II. In this game, Syrup and her Pirate Gooms (or Black Sugar Gang) steal Wario's treasure, and Wario is then required to traverse multiple different lands once again to get it back. In the ('really' final) ending of the game, Wario not only gets his own treasure back, but also steals all of Captain Syrup's loot as well. Owing to Wario Land II's multiple endings, Syrup appears on a number of occasions as the final boss, usually appearing in a flying contraption and attacking Wario by remote means. However, some of the game's bosses - such as the giant ghost and bubble-creature - get the better of Syrup, and Wario must defeat them instead.

After a very long hiatus, Captain Syrup returns in Wario Land: The Shake Dimension. Within the parallel world of Yuretopia, the Shay King has stolen the kingdom's Deldel Purse, a treasure that spits out coins whenever shaken. Captain Maple Syrup, her given name revealed for the first time, steals the globe Yuretopia is located within and gives to Wario so he will plunder it of its treasure. [1]


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