Captain Skyhawk is a video game developed by Rare and released in 1990 by Milton Bradley Company for Nintendo Entertainment System. The soundtrack of the game is composed of David Wise.


The protagonist of the game is Captain Skyhawk who, on board of his F-14, has to ward off an alien threat.


In Captain Skyhawk, the players take control of the F-14VTS to fight alien hordes. The ship is a fictional version of the Tomahawk F-14. The game uses different types of gameplay in different sections. First, the game is a top-down shooter on isometric backgrounds. The player navigates the canyons, choosing his path through the level. In these segments, the player controls primary and secondary weapons, horizontal movements, and altitude. There is no movement control on the y axis on the screen.

During the above-mentioned upper segments, the player can fly through the loop level trying to transport the supplies (replacing the secondary weapons) into holes in the ground. After a certain number of drops are completed, the player completes the level. Other levels require the destruction of bases. The player must avoid base attacks by destroying base buildings. Once the four exterior buildings have been destroyed, the player destroys the central building, resulting in the completion of the level.

A second type of mission has the player simply by destroying enemy craftsmanship. The camera moves behind the ship and the player is challenged to eliminate as much hostile as possible by avoiding incoming missiles.

The player is also tasked with doing a docking with a space station. In these gameplay segments, the player is simply obliged to align his craft with a spinning rod in a space station. By pressing the "B" button, the craft tries to do so. Failure to execute the line with the opening before pressing "B" causes the craft to stop on the side of the space station. The loss of a full life as a consequence of failure makes it imperative to burn these sections for the completion of the game.

There are a total of nine levels.

There are four weapons in the game: the cannon, Phoenix Air Intercept missiles, Maverick ground planes and Hawk bombs. The cannons have unlimited ammunition while the other weapons are purchased in turns with the points obtained by killing alien slaves during the prospective game sections.

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