Captain Rainbow is a Wii video game that was published by Nintendo and developed by Skip (the creators of Chibi-Robo! on the GameCube). The game stars Nick, a character who can transform into superhero Captain Rainbow. After his ratings have gone down for his television show, he heads to an island that grants wishes, though he will come across more than that — he will be required to transform into his alter ego and battle enemies and so forth. Notably, many secondary Nintendo characters also appear in the game including but not limited to Birdo from the Mario series, the playable character from the NES video game Golf, and Hikari from the Japanese exclusive video game Shin Onigashima.


  • Nick – The protagonist of the video game. He is sent to an island that grants wishes after his television show receives bad ratings.
  • Minmin – Little bunny-like creatures with yellow ears. The original inhabitants of Minmin Island. They seem to have a connection with the Island's ability to grant wishes. They can be seen forming a bridge so that Nick can reach the shrine at the top of the island.
  • The Silhoutte – After Nick obtains a star, this figure appears to steal the star away from him. Nick can try to knock him out with his Yo-Yo while in his Captain Rainbow form, but can also try to defeat him in a duel when the silhoutte hits him in the back. A group of four silhouttes can be seen dancing around a stolen star.
  • Birdo – A character from the Mario series, she is one of the many characters in the game that were featured in Nintendo games that has made it to stardom.
  • Little Mac – In the game Little Mac has put on quite a few pounds. He originated in the NES video game Mike Tyson's Punch-Out!!.
  • Takamaru – The main character of the Famicom exclusive video game Nazo no Murasamejō. His wish is to control his excitement around women.
  • Ossan – The golfer from the NES game Golf.
  • Hikari – Character from Shin Onigashima.
  • Mappo – A robot from the GameCube game GiFTPiA.
  • Tao – The dog from GiFTPiA and Chibi-Robo!: Plug Into Adventure!. His dream is to do nothing but eat.
  • Lip – From Panel de Pon. Her dream is to become a great magician. A Piranha Plant from Super Mario Bros. grows in her garden.
  • Tracy – From The Legend of Zelda: Link's Awakening. Above her throne she has a portrait of Mario and Link next to an empty portrait. Her wish is to enslave all the men in the world.
  • Famicom Wars Soldiers – From Famicom Wars. For some reason, their wish is to become good at Volleyball.
  • Devil – From Devil World. His wish is to become the number one villain in the underworld.
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