Captain Comic: The Adventure is an NES video game that stars none other than Captain Comic. In the game, you're required to acquire three treasures from a planet known as Omsoc (which is Cosmo spelled backwards). The game takes place on Tambi.


The primary weapon of the game is known as Blastola Cola, which is, as its name implies, a pop can that will give him special powers, specifically the ability to toss fireballs. The actual game is a standard platformer, though unlike many games of its time isn't entirely linear, with the route sometimes being unclear (whether or not this is a good thing is totally up to the players' preference).


Initially a PAL (Europe) version was created and planned to be marketed, though for whatever reason this never came to be. Rather, Captain Comic: The Adventure was a title exclusive to the American market. The theme song for the game was originally a remake of the US Marine Corps Theme. The creator of the game is Michael Denio.

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