Capcom Co., Ltd (株式会社カプコン, Kabushiki-gaisha Kapukon) is a Japanese video game developer and publisher. Some of their franchises include the Mega Man, Resident Evil, and Street Fighter series. Capcom has been releasing games for Nintendo's platforms since 1985 and has developed games for Nintendo, like The Legend of Zelda: Oracle of Seasons and The Legend of Zelda: Oracle of Ages.


They were founded in 1979 as Japan Capsule Computers, when they later changed their name to Capcom, taking out the first three letters of Capsule and Computers and combining them.

January 1989, Capcom Co., Ltd. merged with Sanbi Co., Ltd., resulting in the current Japan branch. The name Capcom is a clipped compound of "Capsule Computers", a term coined by the company for the arcade machines it solely manufactured in its early years, designed to set themselves apart from personal computersthat were becoming widespread. "Capsule" alludes to how Capcom likened its game software to "a capsule packed to the brim with gaming fun", and to the company's desire to protect its intellectual property with a hard outer shell, preventing illegal copies and inferior imitations.

Capcom's first product was the medal game Little League (1983). It released its first arcade video game, Vulgus (May 1984). Starting with the arcade hit 1942 (1984), they began designing games with international markets in mind. The successful 1985 arcade games Commando and Ghosts 'n Goblinshave been credited as the products "that shot [Capcom] to 8-bit siliconstardom" in the mid-1980s. Starting with Commando (late 1985), Capcom began licensing their arcade games for release on home computers, notably to British software houses Elite Systems and U.S. Gold in the late 1980s.

Beginning with a Nintendo Entertainment System port of 1942 (published in Dec. 1985), the company ventured into the market of home console video games, which would eventually become its main business. The Capcom USA division had a brief stint in the late 1980s as a video game publisher for Commodore 64 and IBM PC DOS computers, although development of these arcade ports was handled by other companies. Capcom went on to create 15 multi-million-selling home video game franchises, with the best-selling being Resident Evil (1996). Their highest-grossing is the fighting game Street Fighter II (1991),

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