Candace (JP) is a capturable boss character from Fire Emblem Fates. A self-proclaimed treasure hunter from Nohr who's is dedicated to exploring.


When confronted on her recent thievery, she vindicates this as being no different from Midori "stealing" the herbs from the forest. A battle soon starts with Candace aiming to escape with the Avatar's army eventually enclosing her, while recovering the stolen herbs. Candace also makes an appearance in the DLC episode Museum Melee as a visitor from another world.



  • Due to her body type, which is unique to her, Candace is unable to wear accessories.
  • Candace and Nichol both have critical cut-ins, have their names listed among characters who can only support Corrin, and are the only capturable bosses from Fire Emblem Fates eligible for the Choose Your Legends poll in Fire Emblem Heroes. This may suggest they had a larger role during development, before becoming paralogue bosses.
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