Candace is a capturable boss character from Fire Emblem Fates. A self-proclaimed legendary treasure hunter hailing from Nohr, Candace has dedicated her entire life to exploration.


While exploring the world in pursuit of treasured relics, Candace travels with a group of "barbarians" who appear to tolerate her; although not formally a part of the group, Candace claims that the barbarians are perfect for distracting foes while she flees.

Candace formally appears in Paralogue 6, where she bids a member of the bandit group that she is travelling with to steal a bag of Dragon Herbs from Midori. When confronted on her theft, Candace launches in a twisted defence of her action, justifying it as being no different from Midori "stealing" the herbs from the forest. A battle thereafter ensues with Candace attempting to flee with Corrin's army hot on her heels. The army eventually corners her and strikes her down, recovering the stolen herbs.

Candace also makes an appearance in the DLC episode Museum Melee as a visitor from another world.

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