Canas is a playable character in Fire Emblem: The Blazing Blade. He is a man on a quest to gain knowledge. Canas is a passionate scholar who has a tendency to read on the battlefield and unintentionally neglect the people he cares for, as pointed out by Nino in their supports.

In Canas' supports with Pent, it is revealed that knowledge of the ancient magics has been passed down in his family for generations. He has three brothers, but all of them were taken by the forces of darkness. The elder magic Canas uses, like his brothers before him, is based on the forces of darkness and to use this magic, one must invite the dark forces within him. It is tempting to submit to the darkness, which is why Canas' brothers merely subsist. Canas is afraid of suffering the same fate of his brothers, but as he puts it: "However, I must see the other side. My curiosity pushes me ever deeper. It will be my undoing."

His curiosity knows no bounds, which leads to a rather interesting conversation with Renault about whether morphs have souls or not. This conversation also uncovers a bit of Renault's mysterious past. However a practitioner of elder magic, Canas often compliments Anima magic, the magic of nature, which he considers aesthetically rich, even expressing deep admiration for Pent in their support conversation.

He is the father of Hugh and son of Niime, characters from Fire Emblem: The Binding Blade, and possibly Nino's uncle by marriage, as his wife's deceased sister Iris bears the same name as Nino's mother. It is revealed that he died along side his wife while trying to stop a snowstorm before the events of The Binding Blade.

Canas is the only recruitable Shaman, and potentially Druid, in the game. He can be recruited during Chapter 16x in Eliwood's Story or Chapter 17x in Hector's Story by visiting a home in the Port of Badon. Upon learning that the heroes want to reach the Dread Isle, he offers his services since he also wants to go there.

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