Camp Triggerfish(JP) is a map for the game Splatoon. It is modeled after a summer camp with a wooden fort on a lake surrounded by a thick forest. Camp Triggerfish was added on July 24, 2015 for free.

Map Layout

Camp Triggerfish Overhead

Camp Triggerfish consists of a series of bridges over water, and a large area near the team's spawn, along with a shelter that can only be accessed via a grated pathway in Turf War. Both bases at Camp Triggerfish has a set of floodgates that open and close periodically. When the gates are down, it’s easier for other teams to enter. In Turf War, the floodgates lower when there's one minute left on the clock, allowing for access to the shelter. The stage is symmetrically flipped so both spawn have essentially identical paths. The spawn is elevated with a small path extending from it that an inaccessible except from spawn. The stage then splits into two paths separated by water that connect with each other via a canal grate on the right path each that drops them close to enemy spawn. The left path starts with a large circular area. The paths are both narrow and high wooden walls.

Ranked Battle changes

In all modes the floodgates stay down for the entire match


  • This map was originally going to be included in the game's release, but the developers were unsatisfied with it, and re-made the map. They did this several times until they agreed on the current version. This is referenced during the Squid Sisters' news.
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