Camelot Co., Ltd.(JP)(CN) (doing business as Camelot Software Planning) is a video game developer founded in 1990 as a studio within SEGA. They are best known for their role-playing titles that include games such as the Golden Sun franchise, the Mario Tennis and Golf franchise, and Shining Force, among others. Currently, Camelot develops games exclusively for Nintendo platforms, though Nintendo doesn't necessarily publish every game they create, as is evident with We Love Golf! on the Wii which was published by Capcom.


Originally, the studio was established in 1990 under the name Sega CD4, but were soon renamed into Sonic! Software Planning. They were formed to create alongside Climax Entertainment the Shining series. In 1994, the studio officially separated from SEGA but, still retained their name and agreed to continue to work on the Shining series. At this time, the company also started to work with Sony, setting the foundation for the Hot Shots Golf series.

In 1997, development for Shining Force III was going rough and SEGA threatened to cancel it. Eventually, all of the game was released but, this broke their ties with SEGA as they changed the company's name to Camelot Software Planning and formed a partnership with Nintendo, starting with Mario Golf on the N64 that released the following year.


Under SEGA

As Camelot Software Planning