Caellach​ is a boss character in Fire Emblem: The Sacred Stones. He is also known as the Tiger Eye, and is one of the Six Imperial Generals in Grado's army. He is depicted as a ruthless and ambitious man, whose foremost goal is to eventually rise from his status as a mercenary to become a king. In order to reach this goal, Caellach tirelessly sets forth in completing the tasks he is assigned by Emperor Vigarde. He can be recruited in the creature campaign.


As a young man, Caellach became a mercenary in order to get away from his hometown in Jehanna. In this mercenary troupe, Caellach eventually came to meet Joshua, who had also abandoned his country in order to travel the world as a mercenary. Eventually, Caellach's drive to succeed bolstered him upward to become one of Grado's two new generals, along with Riev, the Blood Beryl. He also convinces Aias, a man he knew from his mercenary days, to join up with the army of Grado as well as to become his aide and lieutenant.

Throughout the course of the game, Caellach is responsible for the destruction of two Sacred Stones, the most of any of the Six Generals. Alongside General Selena, Caellach infiltrates Frelia's Tower of Valni and destroys their Sacred Stone first. Afterwards, he is charged with eliminating the Stone of his home country, Jehanna. As events unfold, Caellach is seen using less-than-savory ways of accomplishing his missions, including promising to give Queen Ismaire of Jehanna to Carlyle in order to get him to side with Grado, then promptly taking Ismaire hostage to blackmail Caryle into fighting for Grado. Despite his promise to Carlyle that he would not hurt her, Caellach is forced to murder Ismaire as she would not give up the Sacred Stone, despite allowing her to live if she did.

In Chapter 15, Scorched Sand, Caellach, along with Valter, stages an attack on Eirika in the Jehanna dunes. The player may choose to fight Caellach with Joshua, which yields a particularly lengthy boss conversation. In Ephraim's story, Caellach mentions that he and Joshua once worked together, and tries unsuccessfully to persuade Joshua to come over to his side. In Eirika's story, Caellach reveals his ambitions and his knowledge that Joshua is a prince. Joshua, in turn, remarks on Caellach's murder of his mother. Caellach tries to persuade him not to hold a grudge against him, but is subsequently angered when Joshua retorts that he'd kill Caellach, and that he shouldn't "hold it against [him]."

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