Caeldori ​is a playable character from Fire Emblem Fates on the Birthright and Revelation ​paths.


Caeldori is the daughter of Subaki. She can also be the sister of the Male Kana or Shigure if Subaki achieves a S-Support with the Female Avatar or Azura. Like the other children of Fates, Subaki placed her in the Deeprealms to protect her from the war. From time to time, Subaki would come to visit and Caeldori would hear of his many accomplishments. Inspired by them, Caeldori devoted herself to train and eventually become perfect like her father.

In her Paralogue, Subaki pays her Deeprealm a visit. There she informs him that she has been practicing and studying to be a worthy Sky Knight. Suddenly, a Hoshidan soldier informs Subaki that invisible forces are attacking a nearby village. Caeldori wants to join in the battle, but Subaki tells her to stay behind since she has never seen real combat. Unwilling to stand idle, Caeldori flies onto the battlefield and requests that her father let her join in the fight. Though hesitant, after seeing his daughter's resolve, Subaki allows her to join the battle. After a long fought battle, the invisible forces are defeated. After the battle, Caeldori informs Subaki of all the measures she took after the battle to ensure the safety of the villager and getting them the treatment they need. Overwhelmed by his daughter's overwhelming diligence in her post-battle event reports, Subaki allows Caeldori to join the army, though he vows to himself to stay ahead of her.

If Selena is the mother of Caeldori, a special ending occurs. Selena notes that Caeldori used to resemble Subaki as a child, but now she resembles her maternal grandmother. Caeldori remembers how Selena used to talk about her and even felt that Selena and Cordelia resembled one another. Selena still believes that Caeldori resembles her more, both in appearance and in personality. Honored to resemble such a great warrior, Caeldori vows to work harder to make her mother and grandmother proud. Selena ends by vowing not to die on her or abandon her, but Caeldori does not understand the significance behind this last comment.

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