Cact-X is a kart that can be used in Mario Kart 7. It's designed like a cactus like the name suggests. It is one of the 5 karts in Mario Kart 7 to increase off-road boost.


Cact-X is an extended, spiky, cactus-like kart. At first, it is light green, and at halfway, there is dark green stripes. At front, there is a gigantic yellow spike next to the silver-yellow eyes. Behind the eyes, there is a dark-bluish-green, or turquoise-teal windshield. This windshield is incredibly small and it is thin. Below the windshield, there is a yellow pad decorated in black squares. At the back, there is smaller, brownish-white spikes. Next to the spikes, there is a yellow box. Behind the box and spikes, there is a reddish-violet flower with greyish-white hole inside it. Ideal for players who love going in tropical, Mexican or Mediterranean deserts.


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