C.Q. Cumber is a character in the Octo Expansion for Splatoon 2. He is a translucent blue sea cucumber wearing a train conductor's hat. He is an employee of Kamabo Corporation, serving as the conductor of the Deepsea Metro.

Upon receiving a CQ-80 and a CQ Card from the Telephone, Cap'n Cuttlefish, and Agent 8 board the Deepsea Metro. Once aboard, C.Q. Cumber introduces himself to the Captain and the Agent and adds 1000 CQ Points to the CQ Card.

At each station, C.Q. Cumber instructs Agent 8–and, thus, the player–of the objective, the hazards, and requirements of the upcoming test. If Agent 8 does something that either fails the test's requirements or precludes the possibility of completing the objective (e.g. causing an 8-Ball to fall off of the stage), then C.Q. Cumber informs him or her of this before declaring the test failed.

Following the defeat of the final boss, C.Q. Cumber mentions that Kamabo Co. has ceased to exist. Despite this, he assures Agent 8 that the Deepsea Metro is still running, allowing Agent 8 to complete any tests that he or she missed.

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