Byte & Barq are a character pair in ARMS and are a beach patrol cop duo. Byte earned his name from the term "bite", while Barq earned his from "bark". Barq acts independently from Byte.

Appearance and Personality

 ​Personal Information

Here are his personal information according to the official website

  • Affliation: Beach Patrol
  • Height: 189cm
  • Weight: 120kg together
  • Model: K-9000
  • Hobbies: Avoiding saltwater, Fetch

Official Bio

The duo of police-robot Byte and dog-robot Barq makes for an intimidating beach-patrol team. In the heat of battle, Byte is known to take a big leap off Barq and rain down punches on opponents! But if they win the ARMS Grand Prix, who's gonna patrol Buster Beach?!


Barq will move with Byte and attack the opponent. Barq's behavior does not appear to be random; he will generally attack the opponent whenever Byte is otherwise vulnerable.

Byte can use Barq as a launch pad to get high in the air. To do this, Barq must be idle, and you must jump towards Barq while holding down the Jump button. Barq will move underneath Byte and launch him upwards.

Barq can not be specifically targeted, but he take hits. If Barq is hit, he will be knocked down for a short while, but will then recover. Byte cannot accidentally hit Barq.

Byte & Barq's signature ARMS are

  • Seekie
  • Cracker
  • Bubb
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