Buzzy Beetles first appeared in the game Super Mario Bros. for the NES. In the game, they could not be killed unless you had a starman, which you could then ram into it. With out the aid of the Starman it was only possible to Stun the creature and then use it as a weapon to kill other creatures. Even though that's the only way to kill it in the first Super Mario Bros game. In later Mario games it became possible to kill it , after you jump on its head to make it go into his shell, where you can then kick it like you would a Koopa Shell and unlike the first game the Buzzy Beetle would die on impact with other enemies rather then remain unharmed. The Buzzy Beetle usually always recovers after being stunned once it stoped moving and comes to a complete stop. The Buzzy Beetles have appeared in most of the Mario Platformers.

Its most recent appearance is in New Super Mario Bros., where it will appear as it does in Super Mario Bros., but it will also hang from a ceiling, then when you get near it, it will drop down and spin in your direction.

Buzzy Beetle variants

  • Boney Beetle: These will only crumble when stomped on.
  • Spiny: The stronger and spikier cousin of the Buzzy Beetle.
  • Spike Top: A cross between a spiny and a Buzzy Beetle. It only has one spike.
  • Mad Spike Top: A mad spike top that can stretch its spike.

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