Buzz Buzz is a fictional insect-like character from the SNES game Earthbound. He is one of the first characters to appear, and tells Ness about his mission to save the world from Giygas. He is playable for a short time only, but serves as the strongest character of the party.


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As soon as he appears from the meteor that fell in Onett in front of Porky, Picky and Ness, he tells the latter of four chosen children who need to save the world, one of them being him. He then accompanies Ness back home, finding a Starman Jr. blocking their way. He is the strongest member of the party at the time and can do around 100-150 damage as well as set up a PSI Shield for the party, blocking the Starman's PSI attacks. After Ness returned Picky and Pokey home, their mom mistook Buzz-Buzz as a dung beetle and ironically swatted him to death. Upon dying, Buzz Buzz gives Ness the Sound Stone and explains his quest. He then disappears from the floor. Much later in the game, in the imaginary world Magicant, Ness can find Buzz Buzz's tombstone.
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