Buttonflies are minor enemies in Kirby's Epic Yarn. They first appear in Flower Fields, but there are only a couple of them. They are one of the few subspecies of the "Button" species, but are the least dangerous, having no stinger or any teeth.


Buttonflies look like little green flies, hence their names. They are basically just little circles that fly around. Buttonflies have two tiny black antennae on their heads, and two transparent wings. They also have two black lines on their backs. The overall appearance looks like a flying button with wings, which is what it is, and is why it is called a Buttonfly.


The Buttonfly is not dangerous in any case, and simply flies around without a care in the world. It does not attack Kirby in any way, nor will contact with one hurt Kirby. They are one of the most useless enemies in the game, and can barely be classified as enemies. If whipped and turned into a yarn ball, it will home in on the nearest enemy once thrown.

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