Buttonbees are fairly-common enemies that appear in Kirby's Epic Yarn. They are first discovered by Kirby in the Flower Fields level, but later appear in many other levels. They may be somehow related to the Buttonfly and Buttonbug.

Buttonbees live in hives, as seen in one of the later levels that they appear in. They also sometimes group together for maximum chance of attacking success.



Buttonbees are, as the name suggests, buttons. They are yellow buttons with two transparent wings, two black antennae, and two black lines on their backs that give them their button look. Also, unlike Buttonflies, they have a giant stinger, which is why they're called buttonbees.


Buttonbees attack with their stinger, of course, and this is very dangerous. Lone Buttonbees will charge stinger-first at Kirby (or Prince Fluff) as soon as they see one of them. They can charge pretty fast, but are usually not that hard to dodge, as they can only charge straight. In certain places though, or when there is more than one, Buttonbees can get hard to dodge. Sometimes hordes of Buttonbees group together to form columns, which must be jumped over or under to be dodged. When grouped together like this, they do not charge at Kirby, however.

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