Butler is a class that was introduced in Fire Emblem Fates. It is a class that is both physical and healer. It is one of the promoted forms of the Troubadour class. The Butler is treated as a Nohrian class and is the male counterpart of the Maid class.


The Butlers are armed with Daggers and Staves as their equipment of choice.

Butlers and maids are the only classes that can reach an S rank in staves in Fire Emblem: Fates, meaning that usage of certain staves such as Bifröst are exclusive to them.

Butlers, along with their female equivalents Maids, are the only Nohrian classes that use Daggers. However, they can only reach a B rank in daggers at most, preventing their use of some of the more powerful and unique shuriken and dagger options.


Fire Emblem Fates

Base Stats

Template:FE Base Stats

Maximum Stats

Maximum Stats
HP 50
Str 28
Mag 31
Skl 33
Spd 33
Luck 32
Def 29
Res 29
Mvt 6
Con N/A

Growth rates

Base Growths
HP 0%
Str 10%
Mag 10%
Skill 15%
Spd 15%
Lck 10%
Def 5%
Res 10%

Known Butlers


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