Bust-a-Move DS is a Nintendo DS video game released in 2005 (USA) and 2006 (Japan, Europe). The game was developed by Happy Happening, and published by Majesco. The game features well developed Majesco characters Bub and Bob. The objective of the game is to launch the different colored balls onto the top screen. To launch them, you must pull them back using the touch screen, and then release. This method resembles a sling-shot.


To delete the blocks above, launch a block of the same color next to the one above. Make sure it touches. When a certain amount of blocks (of the same color) have touched, then they will be deleted.

There are over 250 puzzles that you can defeat, as well as plenty of unlockable levels for you to play.


The game has received mostly positive reviews. The highest of these has been a 4/5 from G4tv. All other major critics gave the game a score in the 70's out of 100. The overall rating from Gamestats is an impressive 70/100.


Evil Sorcerer: Once you solve all fifty puzzles in mode A, you'll obtain a code that will allow you to visit another world, where you'll be able to unlock the Evil Sorcerer.

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