Burning KNiDL

Burning Kirby (Also known as Fireball and Burn) is one of Kirby's copy abilities, introduced in Kirby's Adventure. It allows Kirby to ignite himself and dash forward as an invincible ball of fire. In many later games, this ability is merged with Fire Kirby. It is most commonly obtained from enemies that are on fire or have fire protruding from parts of their bodies such as Flamers.


Burning Kirby is quite similar to the Fire Ability and is often only present in games where Fire is absent. The main attack is Kirby setting himself on fire and charging forward. While in this state, Kirby doesn't take any damage and burn through all in its way. When he hits a wall or floor, he bounces off. In the Dream Land games, Burning can be used underwater however, it doesn't travel as far as on land.

Kirby's Dream Course

Enemies that give Burning


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