Buoy Base Galaxy is a galaxy found in the Kitchen in Super Mario Galaxy. It is one of the three galaxies in Super Mario Galaxy to have a green Star. It requires 30 Stars including Sunken Treasure from Beach Bowl Galaxy.


This galaxy isn't that big with one main mission. The main planet of this galaxy is the Buoy Base which is also the starting planet. It consists of a large pool of water and a tall tower with various obstacles including Topmen, Thwomps and Amps. The idea is to collect the blue Star Chips to go to the other planet with a Pull Star. A secret cage containing a Warp Pipe is submerged with Bill Blasters firing Torpedo Teds at Mario. Going through the Warp Pipe leads to the other side of the planet with more Bill Blasters and a cage containing a Green Power Star

The other planet is a giant sphere filled with water above the Buoy Base. It has a screw on it that Mario spins to open the planet and retrieve a Power Star. It also has two pulse-wave generating machines, one of which is actually the screw. It is remarkably small in comparison to the Buoy Base and is similar to a Poké Ball



  • Buoy Base has a unused low poly version that shows much more islands and content under the level. The low poly version indicates it was originally going to be part of a much larger galaxy.
  • The song of this level was remixed by SEGA in Mario & Sonic at the Sochi 2014 Olympic Winter Games.
  • On top of the floating fortress, the planet is shaped like Pokémon's Pokeball.


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