Bullet Bills are Mario enemies that first appeared in Super Mario Bros. for the NES. The enemy gets shot out of a cannon, and heads straight forward, usually, the cannon only shoots if Mario is in front of it. There are many different types of Bullet Bills, such as ones that home in on its target.

They also appeared in Mario Kart DS, where it is an item, that transforms your player into a Bullet Bill that goes extremely fast and will ram into anything it touches. This item is considered the best item in the game.

They have also appeared in the Nintendo DS game New Super Mario Bros., where many different types of Bullet Bills appeared including ones that filled half the screen up. Bullet Bill also appears in the game for the Wii: Super Mario Galaxy. In this game, he will home in on you, you can destroy it by making it run into something. You will also be able to tap it while pointing with the Wii Remote to make it pause in mid-air.

A Bullet Bill is also on Fyer's sleeve in the video game The Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess.

Mario Kart

Bullet Bills appear in Mario Kart Wii onward. They tend to spawn when the racer is lagging behind in the lower half of the places. Like the Chain Chomp in Double Dash, the Bullet Bill automatically drives the racer to higher in the rankings while knocking everything out of its way. However, unlike the Chain Chomp, the racer is impervious to all attacks in this form and the bullet bill form just poofs away when the item finishes.

Super Smash Bros.

They first appear as items in Super Smash Bros. For Wii U / Nintendo 3DS where they are transforming item that turn the fighter into a bullet bill in the direction it is thrown. The attack has high knockback and brings the thrower to wherever the Bullet Bill stops, even over ledges.


  • Sniper Bill: These bullet bills will fire from a distance.
  • Bullet Shell Bill: These bullet bills will release a large amount of coins when destroyed.They will also bounce off walls and are gold which gives them the name Golden Bullet Bill.
  • Invisa Bill: These green bullet bills can go through walls.
  • Bowser Bill: A green bullet bill with horns.
  • Mad Bullet Bill: A flaming red bullet.
  • Mad Banzai Bill: A flaming red banzai bill.
  • Glad Torpedo Ted: A gold, happy torpedo ted.

Bill Blaster

Bill Blaster (New Super Mario Bros Wii)

Bill Blaster's New Super Mario Bros. Wii artwork

Bill Blasters are enemies from the Super Mario series. They are basically just cannons that shoot out Bullet Bills. They never attack directly.
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