Buliara is Riju's bodyguard and the captain of the guard in The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild.


Buliara is considered to be the best spear master in Gerudo Town. She is also a talented swordswoman and blacksmith. She has been Riju's bodyguard throughout her childhood. Buliara stops Link from coming any closer and insists that he explain why he is there. Riju notices Link's Sheikah Slate, and states that he appears to be more than a typical traveler. She asks Link for his name, and questions his claims that he calm Divine Beast Vah Naboris. Riju then recalls her mother talking about a swordsman going by the name of Link who was put in a deep slumber by Princess Zelda when the Great Calamity occurred; Buliara adds that the swordsman in question also wielded a sacred sword known as the sword that seals the darkness, pointing out that their visitor doesn't have such a weapon. She then says that she doesn't believe that a Hylian female was one of the champions. It is then that Buliara finds out their guest is really a male. 

However, Riju stops Buliara from throwing Link out, due to him being a friend of Urbosa. Riju is confident that Link will be able to infiltrate Naboris; Buliara suggests that Link first reclaim the Thunder Helm stolen by the Yiga Clan. After completing both tasks, Buliara gladly provides Link with Lady Urbosa's weapons, offering to replace them if anything happens to them.

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