The Bulborb Larvae are small but ferocious foes in Pikmin 2 that can eat Pikmin incredibly fast despite their size. They are encountered during all boss battles with Empress Bulblax except for the one in the Hole of Beasts. The Empress produces them very quickly and if you try and take them on with your Pikmin, chances are not many Pikmin will survive. The best way to defeat them is to punch them to death by yourself- they die in one hit each. After many larvae are produced, the Empress Bulblax will go to sleep until their number drops. Then it will wake up to send out enough Bulborb Larvae to fill up the gap.


Olimar's Notes

"As its name implies, this creature is a bulborb in an early stage of development. Its distinct bulborb coloration has yet to appear, but it already exhibits other uniquely bulborb characteristics. It is capable of hunting nourishment independently without the help of its parents."

Louie's Notes

"This meager creature offers little meat, but its eyeballs are a local delicacy. Try them with okra and a dollop of sour cream!"

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