Built to Scale is the first rhythm minigame that is played in the game Rhythm Heaven. It has a very upbeat tune that is fun to play the game with. It takes place in a factory, and the player has to build things with his flicker by flicking little rods into oncoming squares. Being the first minigame, it is the easiest, yet some people consider it to be the most fun. This minigame also appears in Rhythm Tengoku and Rhythm Heaven Fever though acts differently in each one

How to Play

Playing the game consists of flicking little white rods into the holes of widgets at a precise moment. This precise moment is when two widgets are directly next to each other and their holes are aligned. Flicking it at this time will put the rod into the squares, connecting them and causing them to fall on the convetor belt below. The player knows when to throw because of the tune, which is a simple "do-re-mi" tune. The player needs to flick the bar when the tune hits "so", which is the precise moment the widgets are aligned. The "do-re-mi" tune starts out slowly, but gets much faster as the game goes along. The last two widgets go very slowly, causing some people to miss because they are used to the quick speeds of the last widgets.

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