Bug is a type in the Pokémon series.


List of bug-type Pokémon

Pokémon Type Information
PKMN010 Caterpie BugBug
PKMN011 Metapod BugBug
PKMN012 Butterfree BugBugFlyingFlying
PKMN013 Weedle BugBugPoisonPoison
PKMN014 Kakuna BugBugPoisonPoison
PKMN015 Beedrill BugBugPoisonPoison
PKMN046 Paras BugBugGrassGrass
PKMN047 Parasect BugBugGrassGrass
PKMN048 Venonat BugBugPoisonPoison
PKMN049 Venomoth BugBugPoisonPoison
PKMN123 Scyther BugBugFlyingFlying
PKMN127 Pinsir BugBug
PKMN165 Ledyba BugBugFlyingFlying
PKMN166 Ledian BugBugFlyingFlying
PKMN167 Spinarak BugBugPoisonPoison
PKMN168 Ariados BugBugPoisonPoison
PKMN193 Yanma BugBugFlyingFlying
PKMN204 Pineco BugBug
PKMN205 Forretress BugBugSteelSteel
PKMN212 Scizor BugBugSteelSteel
PKMN213 Shuckle BugBugRockRock
PKMN214 Heracross BugBugFightingFighting
PKMN265 Wurmple BugBug
PKMN266 Silcoon BugBug
PKMN267 Beautifly BugBugFlyingFlying
PKMN268 Cascoon BugBug
PKMN269 Dustox BugBugPoisonPoison
PKMN283 Surskit BugBugWaterWater
PKMN284 Masquerain BugBugFlyingFlying
PKMN290 Nincada BugBugGroundGround
PKMN291 Ninjask BugBugFlyingFlying
PKMN292 Shedinja BugBugGhostGhost
PKMN313 Volbeat BugBug
PKMN314 Illumise BugBug
PKMN347 Anorith RockRockBugBug
PKMN348 Armaldo RockRockBugBug
PKMN401 Kricketot BugBug
PKMN402 Kricketune BugBug
PKMN412 Burmy BugBug
PKMN413 Wormadam BugBugGrassGrass




PKMN414 Mothim BugBugFlyingFlying
PKMN415 Combee BugBugFlyingFlying
PKMN416 Vespiquen BugBugFlyingFlying
PKMN451 Skorupi PoisonPoisonBugBug
PKMN469 Yanmega BugBugFlyingFlying
PKMN540 Sewaddle BugBugGrassGrass
PKMN541 Swadloon BugBugGrassGrass
PKMN542 Leavanny BugBugGrassGrass
PKMN543 Venipede BugBugPoisonPoison
PKMN544 Whirlipede BugBugPoisonPoison
PKMN545 Scolipede BugBugPoisonPoison
PKMN557 Dwebble BugBugRockRock
PKMN558 Crustle BugBugRockRock
PKMN588 Karrablast BugBug
PKMN589 Escavalier BugBugSteelSteel
PKMN595 Joltik BugBugElectricElectric
PKMN596 Galvantula BugBugElectricElectric
PKMN616 Shelmet BugBug
PKMN617 Accelgor BugBug
PKMN632 Durant BugBugSteelSteel
PKMN636 Larvesta BugBugFireFire
PKMN637 Volcarona BugBugFireFire
PKMN649 Genesect BugBugSteelSteel
PKMNXY664 Scatterbug BugBug
PKMNXY665 Spewpa BugBug
PKMN666 Vivillon BugBugFlyingFlying
PKMNSM736 Grubbin BugBug
PKMNSM737 Charjabug BugBugElectricElectric
PKMNSM738 Vikavolt BugBugElectricElectric
PKMNSM742 Cutiefly BugBugFairyFairy
PKMNSM743 Ribombee BugBugFairyFairy
PKMNSM751 Dewpider WaterWaterBugBug
PKMNSM752 Araquanid WaterWaterBugBug
PKMNSM767 Wimpod BugBugWaterWater
PKMNSM768 Golisopod BugBugWaterWater
PKMNSM794 Buzzwole BugBugFightingFighting
PKMNSM795 Pheromosa BugBugFightingFighting
PKMNSS824 Blipbug BugBug
PKMNSS825 Dottler BugBugPsychicPsychic
PKMNSS826 Orbeetle BugBugPsychicPsychic
PKMNSS850 Sizzlipede FireFireBugBug
PKMNSS851 Centiskorch FireFireBugBug
PKMNSS872 Snom IceIceBugBug
PKMNSS873 Frosmoth IceIceBugBug

Forms & Mega Evolution

Pokémon Type Information
PKMNXY015-M Mega Beedrill BugBugPoisonPoison
PKMN127-M Mega Pinsir BugBugFlyingFlying
PKMN212-M Mega Scizor BugBugSteelSteel
PKMN214-M Mega Heracross BugBugFightingFighting
120px Arceus
Insect Plate
120px Silvally
Bug Memory

List of bug-type moves

Name Category Contest PP Power Accuracy Generation
Twineedle PhysicalPhysical CoolCool 20 25 100% First
Pin Missile PhysicalPhysical CoolCool 20 14 85% First
String Shot StatusStatus SmartSmart 40 95% First
Leech Life PhysicalPhysical SmartSmart 10 80 100% First
Spider Web StatusStatus SmartSmart 10 100% Second
Fury Cutter PhysicalPhysical CoolCool 20 20 95% Second
Megahorn PhysicalPhysical CoolCool 10 120 85% Second
Tail Glow StatusStatus BeautyBeauty 20 100% Third
Silver Wind SpecialSpecial BeautyBeauty 5 60 100% Third
Signal Beam SpecialSpecial BeautyBeauty 15 75 100% Third
U-turn PhysicalPhysical CuteCute 20 70 100% Fourth
X-Scissor PhysicalPhysical BeautyBeauty 15 80 100% Fourth
Bug Buzz SpecialSpecial CuteCute 10 90 100% Fourth
Bug Bite PhysicalPhysical ToughTough 20 60 100% Fourth
Attack Order PhysicalPhysical SmartSmart 15 90 100% Fourth
Defend Order StatusStatus SmartSmart 10 —% Fourth
Heal Order StatusStatus SmartSmart 10 —% Fourth
Rage Powder StatusStatus Clever 20 —% Fifth
Quiver Dance StatusStatus Beautiful 20 —% Fifth
Struggle Bug SpecialSpecial Cute 20 30 100% Fifth
Steamroller PhysicalPhysical Tough 20 65 100% Fifth
Fell Stinger PhysicalPhysical Cool 25 50 100% Sixth
Infestation SpecialSpecial Cute 20 20 100% Sixth
Powder StatusStatus Clever 20 —% Sixth
Sticky Web StatusStatus ToughTough 20 —% Sixth
First Impression PhysicalPhysical ??? 10 90 100% Seventh
Lunge PhysicalPhysical ??? 15 80 100% Seventh
Pollen Puff SpecialSpecial ??? 15 90 100% Seventh

Z-Moves and Max Moves

  • Savage Spin-Out (Buginium Z)
  • Max Flutterby
  • G-Max Befuddle (Butterfree)
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