Bryce ​is one of both the Legendary Four Riders (also called the Great Riders) and Mad King Ashnard's Four Riders and wields the powerful lance Wishblade. He is also old friends with Greil when he was known as Gawain.


Bryce is extremely loyal to Daein and King Ashnard's predecessors. Even after Ashnard reveals to him it was him that killed the previous king, Bryce still believes the royal bloodline must be preserved.

Bryce is a man who has devoted his life to Daein. On many occasions, he is confused and somewhat insulted by the lack of care Ashnard and a few other Daein soldiers had when Daein lost a battle. This is seen if the player has Tauroneo fight him, during which he tells Tauroneo that he is fully aware that what Ashnard is doing is wrong, but believes that there is nothing he can do to stop his king. He is slain in Melior Castle's courtyard by the Crimean Army.

Unlike most enemies in the game, Bryce fought with honor, which Ike comments on when Bryce is slain by him. Bryce is unlockable for use in the Trial Maps by completing 10 playthroughs of the game.

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