The Brute Force Federation are the main antagonists of the sub-game Bowser Jr.'s Journey in Mario & Luigi: Bowser's Inside Story for 3DS. They are called the Shin Shatsu Company in Japan. Their name may come from "best friends forever", judging by the abbreviation, BFF. The characters are Lawful Evil.


  • Dieter is the leader of the gang. He has a yellow colour scheme. His dialogue is addled with German. His attacks tend to have long range. His name is a pun on the German name Dieter, and the English term Diet.
  • Kaley is a flying member of the gang. Her appearance is bird like, and she has a blue colour scheme. She can fly in battle, which protects her against grounded attack, and she has sonic attacks. She was named after the Kale.
  • Beef is a beefy member of the gang. Similarly to Dieter, he has a humanoid build. However, his build is bulkier. His colour scheme is red and black, and his skin is pink. Beef rarely talks. During the first half of the sub-game, Ludwig von Koopa impersonates him.
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