Brunnya​ is a boss character in Fire Emblem: The Binding Blade. She is a trusted vassal of Zephiel and one of the three Dragon Generals of Bern. She was entrusted with the invasion of Sacae, and Gel was her lieutenant. Before his battle with Roy's army, Zephiel orders her to take Idunn to the Dragon Temple to finish their mission in case he dies; Brunnya does so reluctantly. If certain conditions are met, Roy chases Brunnya to the outskirts of the temple. She entrusts Idunn to Jahn and fights Roy's army, knowing she cannot win. With her are the loyal soldiers of Bern, who refuse to run, even after Roy stated he would not kill them if they retreated. Brunnya is ultimately killed in the battle.

Brunnya is recruitable in the trial maps after completing the game four times.

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