Brunhilda, known as Mym in her human form, is a playable character and dragon in Dragalia Lost.

Physical Appearance

Mym has long crimson hair with a golden tiara, black horns, and golden eyes. She wears a outfit black with red and gold details.

Official Description (Brunhilda)

The Flamewyrm who dwells in Mount Adolla. Known for having a temper like boiling magma, people fear her wrath—or they did, at least, until she fell hard for Euden. She is now entirely devoted to protecting him.

Official Description (High Brunhilda)

The form of the Flamewyrm Brunhilda after releasing her hidden powers. Wreathed in crimson fire, she incinerates anything in range— except, of course, for Euden, for whom the flames of love burn even hotter.

Official Description (Mym)

The Flamewyrm Brunhilda, who assumed a human form to be closer to her darling, the prince. Her love knows no bounds, and burns hotter than even her own fierce blazes.

Official Description (Halloween Mym)

The Flamewyrm, all gussied up for Halloween! She intends to take a bolder approach to romance, but there's not much room for improvement there. Supposedly these new duds allow the wearer to live out their dreams...


  • Mym is the first Adventurer introduced as a Gala unit to recieve a variant form.
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