Bruiser (Growlster in Europe) is a kart in Mario Kart 7.


Growlster, or Bruiser resembles a malicious, sinister-looking kart. It resembles 1930 roadster. It is plain black with yellow lines. At front, there is an evil grin showing striking teeth. Above the teeth, there is incredibly, small, thin, yellow muzzle. Between the mouth and muzzle, there is two blue eyes. Above the eyes, there are spiky-spikes. Behind the spiky-spike, there is a fairly-deep, small blue windshield. Behind the windshield is a single wheel and orange chair. At the back, there is a yellow string covering second/fourth tires. At the very back, there is quad yellow rockets without leaving gaps. Below them, there are angry, orange lights. Red Monster and Ghastly Glider makes this kart the most menacing, sinister-looking kart in the whole game. Best suitable for the players who love being evil or antagonist.

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