Broom Hatter is a common enemy in the Kirby series, making their first appearance in the pilot game, Kirby's Dream Land. They give the Clean ability in Kirby's Dream Land 3 and Kirby Star Allies and is the Helper for that ability in Star Allies.

Kirby series

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Kirby Star Allies

Dust here, dust there! Broom Hatter just can't stand so much mess. So he takes on the quest of a lifetime: to make the world spotless!
―Guest Star flavour text, Kirby Star Allies

Broom Hatter makes an appearance in Kirby Star Allies as a helper. His ability, just as before, is Cleaning. He loses his witch hat when befriended, instead getting a white and green kerchief on her head. His gender appears to have been changed from other games, having previously been referred to as a "she". This may indicate that the Ally is a different character from the Broom Hatter seen in other games.

Super Smash Bros.

Trophy Description

Wii U

Broom Hatter is an apprentice witch with the hat to match. She uses her trademark broom to fly through the --- Wait. No, she just sweeps the floor with it. Maybe she's just a bit of a clean freak. Or maybe she hasn't learned to fly yet. After all, she's only an apprentice. Kirby Air Ride, she DOES fly, so there goes that theory...
Game Boy - Kirby's Dream Land - 08/1992
GameCube - Kirby Air Ride - 10/2003


  • She was supposed to be a helper in the canceled Kirby game for Nintendo GameCube.
  • In Kirby Star Allies, they are referred to with male pronouns, a change from previous games where they were referred with female ones.
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