Brighid is Blade in Xenoblade Chronicles 2. She is a fire Blade considered as the jewel of the Empire of Mor Ardain, as such she was the Blade of emperor Hugo Ardanach during the Aegis War and fought alongside Addam Origo the legendary hero of the Kingdom of Torna until Hugo sacrificed himself to save Addam, which caused her to return to his Core Crystal. She was then passed down the imperial family until she became the Blade of Mòrag Ladair, the Special inquisitor of the empire as well as a member of the Imperial family who was supposed to become empress until the birth of her cousin, Niall Ardanach. Unlike most Blades, she has access to the knowledge of most of her past lives thanks to her diary and official Ardainian records.


Xenoblade Chronicles 2


Brighid is fought without her Driver as a level 10 boss in Torigoth, the capital of the Imperial Province of Gormott.


  • Lv.1 - Heat Haze - Spin your weapon round and incinerate enemies within range.
  • Lv.2 - Will-o'-the-Wisp - Blue flames follow the enemy and deal damage.
  • Lv.3 - Swirling Dragon - Swing round your weapon and focus the attack on a single enemy.
  • Lv.4 - Azure III: Soulfire - Engulf the enemy in countless blue flames, reducing them to ashes.

Blade Arts

  • Absorb Damage - Erects a barrier that absorbs fixed dmg.
  • Draw Aggro - Draw aggro from enemies in battle.

Battle Skills

  • War Pyre - Increases damage dealt for each attack Driver evades up to 250%
  • Firewalker - Improves evasion when HP is 30% or lower.
  • Dance of the Flames - Adds chance of evading ranged attacks.

Field Skills

  • Fire Mastery - Lv. 3
  • Keen Eye - Lv. 3
  • Mineralogy - Lv.3

Pouch Items

  • Item types: Desserts, Cosmetics
  • Specific items: Thawing Mille-Feuille, Titan-Oil Hand Cream

Torna, The Golden Country


  • Her English name refers to Brighid, the goddess of fire from the ancient Irish mythology.
  • Her Japanese name, Kagutsuchi, refers to Kagu-tsuchi, the Shinto god of fire.
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