Brick Road is a fictional self-proclaimed dungeon maker from the SNES game EarthBound. He first appears in the snow land of Winters and meets Jeff Andonuts. There, he made a dungeon for Jeff to pass through. However, the design was simple and not challenging. Once he has gotten through, Brick Road offers him to rest and restore his HP. He then tells him his dream of making a half-dungeon, half-man being.

Dungeon Man.

The second time he is seen is in Scaraba Desert, a desert land. Ness's party finds it, now inside a giant dungeon building and known as Dungeon Man, and enters it. After beating the dungeon, he joins the party for a short time, but is forced to leave because he becomes stuck within the palm trees along the shore of the desert. He helps one last time, providing a submarine inside him, which allows the party to reach the Deep Darkness.

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